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From Shoot and Burn Photographer to a Full-Service Portrait Studio

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Leah's Blog

full-service portrait studio

After a Year in Business and Doing Shoot and Burn Sessions, I Discovered They Weren’t For Me!

I Went From a Shoot and Burn Photographer to A Full-Service Portrait Studio After Much Reflection

I’ve been quiet over the last four months with my photography business.  But I have actually been pretty busy with the business side of owning your own business.  At the end of October, I had surgery on the nerve in my left elbow after many months of numbness and pain.  The recovery took A LOT longer than expected but, in the end, gave me a lot of time to take classes and do some much needed thinking about the type of business I wanted to run in the years to come.


I was running myself into the ground last year with the shoot and burn business model I had set up for myself.  I was doing great with the shoot and burn sessions, but could hardly keep up.  I was so grateful for all the support of my new business, but I was doing something wrong.  There was no way I was going to be able to continue the way I was with this shoot and burn business model.  So, While I was recovering, I took the much-needed time to think about what I was missing from my business and how I was going to achieve my goals.  Was the shoot and burn business model for me or was there something better out there that would help me feel more fulfilled and not so drained?  I stopped to think about what I wanted to be able to feel more at ease.  I wanted more time with my clients.  I wanted to build relationships with my clients and serve them the way they deserve.  I wanted to be able to guide them through their portrait process from the beginning all the way to the end. After much reflection and some classes, I discovered, shoot and burn photography WAS NOT what I wanted for myself or my clients. 


I decided to make a change in my business model since I had the time.  I am so happy with the changes I now have in place and have put into action with my more recent clients.  I am no longer going to be killing myself with those shoot and burn sessions and then hours upon hours, sitting at a computer editing.  The business model I had set up last year, did not allow me to do this.  I was so busy; I didn’t have the time and I always felt bad that I wasn’t delivering the service that my clients deserved.  I decided that I couldn’t continue to deliver a service that I wasn’t happy with.  So, I had to make a change in my business model.  I had to make a change for myself and for the clients I wanted to serve. I decided to take my photography in a bit of a new direction.  I am no longer a shoot and burn photography business that has an obscene number of sessions a month and spends 14 hours a day editing photos at a computer.  That was not fulfilling.  I was feeling burned out after just months!  So, to better serve myself and my clients, I am now a full-service portrait studio.


Having a full-service portrait studio will allow me the opportunity to work closely with my clients from the very beginning from designing their sessions to printing their portraits.  The images we create together should be treasured and displayed in their homes, not just stuck in a flash drive or in a computer.  As a full-service portrait studio, I love being able to see the printed product and so do my clients.  Don’t worry, clients do receive digital files of the portraits they purchase so that they may share them across social media platforms, digital files are just not the focus of a full-service portrait studio.  This process has been so much more fulfilling and the way I was meant to do business. Read more about the investment of portraits I offer.


I am so excited about the products I am offering to my clients through my full-service portrait studio business.  They are beautiful and luxurious.  All products are printed on archival material with archival ink which means they are meant to last.  They are meant to be passed on to your children and grandchildren.  I offer many different products so there is something for everyone.  I have heirloom albums that are crafted by hand.  The client can select a cover of leather, linen or other fabrics. Click here to see some of the beautiful images from RedTree on Instagram.  I offer prints that are printed on the finest photographic paper and mounted so that they last without bending or creasing. I also offer two styles of canvases which are stunning and a few other specialty items.  My full-service portrait studio only selects the highest quality of products to display your images. I am beyond proud of the selections I have made for the studio.


Perhaps my favorite part of restructuring my business as a full-service portrait studio has been building my client closet and stocking my home studio.  I have an array of outfits for baby girls, little girls, and teens.  I have outfits for baby boys, little boys, and young boys.  I also have maternity gowns for expecting moms.  My full-service portrait studio is stocked with anything and everything you can think of for a newborn from formula to burp cloths, diapers, blankets, wraps, outfits, and so much more.  It is such an inviting space that I can’t wait to share with all of you.


Stay tuned for future blog posts on products, the client closet, the studio and more!  Thank you to everyone who has supported my business in the last year.  I appreciate you all.  I look forward to all the clients that will experience the positive changes that I have made in my business and the ability to better serve you all in the future as a full-service portrait studio. Come see me soon!