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Senior Session with Braxtyn

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Leah's Blog

For the Love of Family and Football


I had the immense pleasure of photographing Braxtyn a few weeks ago for his Senior photos.  There were so many things that I walked away from the experience with.  Braxtyn has a quiet presence about him (at least in front of me) but also has a playful fun side to him.  He was willing to do anything I asked of him from driving through the woods looking for locations, sitting on a completely wet log that completely ruined his pants, sitting on top of his jeep, to tossing around his football.  He was kind, polite and never complained once.  We laughed, joked and sweat A LOT!  But we had a good time!

The thing that resonated with me as we walked around the property of his home for additional photos, was the love for family.  I already knew how much love this family had for each other, but to see it in the eyes of a High School Senior was incredible.  Braxtyn has incredible love and respect for his parents and siblings.  Even when one of those siblings might get on his nerves, he still spoke with respect.  Braxtyn’s mom watched as her son posed, smiled, looked serious, showed his muscles, and did his own thing for his Senior pictures.  She let him fly just a little more towards that world of adulthood looming in the future.  A future that is creeping up quickly on a mom who loves her children so fiercely.  Mom is incredible in the way that she loves her children.  Her whole heart goes into everything she does for them, and it has rubbed off on her children.  Braxtyn will use all the love and lessons his parents have taught him in his future to make them proud.  A future where he will make wise decisions and stay focused.

Braxtyn has great admiration for his father, an NFL player, and hopes to someday make his own mark on the NFL world.  Braxtyn’s jersey number is his dad’s jersey number, and he proudly wears it on and off the field.  Braxtyn has an incredible work ethic and dedication to the sport of football that will no doubt lead him towards his goals in life.  He has a wonderful family that supports his dreams and allows him the ability to practice his passion, right along dad.  All mom and dad wish for Braxtyn is to be happy and successful in his future career path.  I have no doubt that Braxtyn has a bright future ahead of him.

It is very obvious that love for each other has been ingrained into this family’s essence.  They enjoy spending time together on vacations, seeing loved ones in Nebraska, or just simply being at home.  One thing that you know for sure is that all mom and dad want for their kids is for them to be happy in life.  I was truly grateful to have spent time with Braxtyn and get to know him a little better.  Just being around him made you see how genuine and real he is.  I can’t wait to see where life takes him.  I have a feeling he will be living out his dreams and will do great things that will make all who know him proud.

I’ve been nominated one of Carroll County’s Best photographers two years in a row.  I love my job, getting to know the families, seniors, or children more in-depth and building a relationship.  I offer an incredible line of archival products that are meant to last.  Seeing my work printed brings me such joy.

Can you guess which image Mom selected for her 16×24 canvas?   Yes! It was this gorgeous image…close up images are always a mom’s favorite!