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Professional In Home Photography Studio Tour

by | May 11, 2021 | Leah's Blog

A Tour of My Westminster, MD Home Photography Studio


I am so thrilled to have you join me for a look at my in home photography studio tour. My studio is located in my home amongst the farmland of Carroll County, Westminster, MD.  A lot of work was put into creating this space.  It allows me to create beautiful images for others.  It is a small space but I am able to make all areas work.

The Making of a Photography Studio


Before we begin my photography studio tour, it is important that you see what the studio was before.  I love seeing the transformation!

The space used to be used as an office.  The room was a decent size, and I didn’t really need all the space for an office.  There was another room in the house I could use as my office space that was smaller.  This seemed like the perfect plan.  Excuse the office pictures as it was a disaster in there!


We began getting everything out of the office and moving everything to its new location.  The carpet in the room was very dark and I want to eventually put hardwood floors in.  We cut the carpet and padding up into manageable size pieces so that we could carry them out of the house.

Once the carpet was out, we noticed there was some damage to the subfloor.  We had to hire someone to work the subfloor.  After it was leveled out some, a new subfloor was laid over part of the old floor.  It was a mess!  Then it was on to painting and the room was coming together!  

The Evolution of the Photography Studio Tour

I had a blank canvas to start with.  It was so fresh and clean.  Like I said before, we want to put in wood floors, but we started the studio during Covid so spending extra money on wood floors didn’t seem like a smart idea at the time.  Instead, I painted the subfloors white to keep it nice and bright in the room.  So far, they have worked out great.

We added shelving that I had used in the office before.  They are great for holding blankets and props.

I added some lighting, a backdrop roller, and props.  The lighting is something that I am not happy with.  That will be going for sure!  I will do a future blog post in the future showing the difference between this lighting and better lighting.  I will also be replacing the ceiling fan soon because it is just not the right look for the studio.

Now it is starting to look and feel like an actual photography studio tour.  I had the perfect nook for my newborn beanbag and backdrop stand.  So cute! In pictures further down you will see it is missing in my studio.  I have since had to break the stand down and move it to another location along with the beanbag.  My studio doesn’t have enough space for everything so I am kind of taking over other spaces in the house too!  🙂  Now I just set it up in the studio when I need it for a newborn session.

I added props, blankets, and wraps to the shelves and loved it.  But, I wanted more…


The Photography Studio Tour Today

I loved the way I had set up my in home photography studio before, but I wanted more out of it.  I wanted to make it more versatile.  So off I went with ideas swirling in my head.  I wanted to be able to have two areas to shoot from so I wouldn’t have to take down backdrops constantly or change out floor drops.  Having a sofa for when I had consultations and viewing and ordering appointments was important.  The new studio needed to be more glamorous.  Building my client closet was something that I desperately wanted to do.  Having an area for products that I want to see be displayed was important to me.  There was so much I wanted to do!  Well, when I get an idea in my head, I run with it.

This studio space serves as multiple uses.  On this photography studio tour, you will see the room where we would meet for your consultation, where we would design and plan your session and where you would also be able to check out the studio wardrobe.  We would meet here also if you were planning to have an indoor session.  I would have your backdrops of choice set up, wardrobe cleaned, steamed, & ironed, as well as props out and ready to go for you based on your selections at the consultation appointment. We would also meet here after your session for your viewing and ordering appointment.   I must move some of the furniture out when I hold sessions because of the size of the room, but I feel blessed to have the space available.  Sit back and enjoy my photography studio tour.


New Items in the Studio

Client Closet

I have spent a great deal of time building my client closet.  My first purchases were for little girls.

I am in love with some of the fancy dresses that I have to offer for special photoshoots, princess photoshoots, holiday photoshoots and more.

There is a small inventory of some outfits for teen girls who may want a beautiful dress in a photoshoot also.  There are some pretty ones!

I then began building inventory for little boys with some blazers, pants, a tuxedo, 3-piece suit, all of which I can get in different sizes with notice.

I have a variety of different crowns for princess sessions.


But I discovered I that I absolutely love photographing pregnant mamas!  So, I decided to start building my closet of dresses for maternity photoshoots.  I have plans for future dresses that are absolutely stunning.  The problem is it takes time to continue building up the stock but when I get the dresses I want for maternity, I will be shouting from the rooftops!


Newborn Items in the Studio

Perhaps the MOST fun wardrobe I have to show you on this photography studio tour is the newborn wardrobe.  I cannot get enough of the tiny outfits both for girls and boys. The materials are so soft and beautiful colors.  There are fancy little outfits for girls, tutus, headbands, cute little outfits for boys, simple outfits as well.  These are in addition to many, many different colors and styles of wraps for swaddling poses.




I also have a variety of props to use with newborns in the studio as well.  There is a newborn bed, lots of baskets, crates and bins.  These are great to add variety to a session.  I love using props and then adding greenery or flowers to the surrounding area as an accent.  So much fun!  Props are stored in another location because I ran out of room in the studio. I will do another post on those one day. 🙂

There is no need to worry if you come in for a newborn session but left a few things out of the diaper bag.  The photography studio tour includes a look at a few newborn items.  I have a well-stocked supply of diapers, wipes, pacifiers, emergency formula, burp cloths, bottle warmer, and more.  I have tried to think of everything a newborn might need during our session together so you can sit back and relax!


Items for Children in The Studio

Next up on the photography studio tour, is something especially important for the kiddos!  We all know that kids can sometimes have a rough time when it comes to having pictures taken.  They feel the pressure of having to “perform” for the camera and can be unpredictable.  I have the philosophy of allowing kids to play first. Allow them to become comfortable with me and the situation.  If we are taking family pictures, I like to start with mom and dad and see if the child would like to help take the photos.  By allowing them to snap a couple photos with me and see the photos on the back of the camera, they feel a real part of the process.  When it comes time for them to get into the photos, I love showing the child how cute they are in their photos using the screen on the back of my camera.  This helps kids feel more involved in the process.  This makes the process go much smoother for the kids and makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Kids love their snacks!  If they seem to be having a tough time, it could be because they are hungry.  I have a stock of snacks and drinks out and ready for them in the studio.  A hungry child is not a child that will want to cooperate for pictures.  Sometimes all they need is a little something to snack on.  🙂


New Products

I am so very excited about the products I have to offer in the studio.  The prints are made with archival ink and printed on archival material  They are made to last for years to come.  The prints come mounted or matted depending on the size and have a beautiful linen texture.

The traditional canvas is as beautiful as you can imagine.  The image is printed directly onto a premium canvas then wrapped around a stretcher bar.  A gel coating provides additional abrasion protection and filter out UV light for a longer life for your canvas.  The standard archival quality of a traditional canvas is 100 years.


I also offer a beautiful linen covered box with your choice of linen color.  The beautiful box is hand crafted and made to order.  The collection box holds 15 or 30 11×14 matted prints depending on the collection that is purchased.  It is a wonderful alternative to an album as well as for sharing prints with family members.

The albums are another beautiful handmade product which feature lie flat pages that are strong enough to withstand the smallest little hands.  The album is customizable with your choice of linen color and embossing on the front.

These are just a few of the many products offered in the studio and are a beautiful investment.  I would love the opportunity to share them with you.  Please contact me with your next photography need and I would be happy to show you all the beautiful choices in person.

The Future of the Studio

For now, the studio is perfect, but I know I am going to continue to grow.  Using the space that I have right now and making it work is important.  You can always improve things.  The room will probably have many more changes over the time I have it.  I loved doing my own photography studio tour. As I toured my studio, I looked at the room and thought about what I had that I could use in the space. Planning out what I wanted to purchase for the room to make it better for my clients was also helpful so I didn’t spend too much at one time.

In the future, I envision adding onto our house or opening a separate studio outside of the home.  I envision walking around the space looking at the protentional it could become, picking out paint colors, furniture, flooring and more.  I do know I want my next space to have windows. Lots of windows.

As you can see, I have dreams for another space one day.  Time will tell.  For now, I am so very thankful for the space I do have and I love it.

So that’s a look inside my studio! I hope you enjoyed this little photography studio tour and I thank you for being a part of my journey.

If you might be interested in a photo session, please reach out.  I would love to show you around the studio!

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